Seth Thomas Regulator, Model No. 1, circa 1884

This excellent example of the Model No. 1 Regulator has a trademarked Seth Thomas eight-day running trapezoid plate movement with machine-cut steel pinions, dead beat escapement, beat adjuster, and maintaining power.  The case is veneered in rosewood.

Most of the external portions of the case were refinished decades ago.  A few veneer repairs were made to the bezel at that time but a few losses have occurred since, commensurate with age.

(trademark detail)

The interior of the case and some external portions retain their original finish including the simulated rosewood grain pattern that was painted on the inner frame around and beneath the dial and on the edge of the bezel.  The effect is very dramatic and shows the attention to detail that the Seth Thomas Clock Company gave to this clock.

(dial support, movement) 

(36" H x 15-1/2" W x 5-1/2" D
ca. 1884)

(Item #AC-4)

Other features of interest are the original label in the bottom of the case, the Seth Thomas date code (4881I for September 1884), and the nickel-plated damascened pendulum bob, weight, and hardware.

(damascened bob)

The blued hands are original to the clock and appropriate for this variant of the No. 1 Regulator.  The dial was repainted on its zinc pan and is original to the case.

(original label)

(date code)

(weight, interior)


As with all our clocks, the movement has received a complete overhaul which includes cleaning, pivot polishing, and bushing worn pivot holes.  The weight cable has also been refreshed. 



This fine clock is an excellent timekeeper and ready to enjoy in
your home or office!